A walk through the new Emirates Boeing 777 Cabin. Monitor introduction at 14:30







Time : August 2015 - November 2015 (In parallel with First Class Handset project)

Role : Project Lead. Lead Designer.

Project Type : New IFE (In Flight Entertainment) monitor for economy class. Our task was to design the peripheral bar within the defined monitor, electronics, and seat.

Project Status : Currently flying in new Emirates Boeing 777 cabin that was revealed in November 2017.







(2 Weeks)

A request was to design a peripheral area of the monitor that integrates into Super Eco Monitor and Economy seat frame. First, we investigated the electronic/mechanical requirements for the monitor production.

Secondly, we explored gestures and visual language of peripheral area in a context of economy class : Focusing on individual monitor from a single passenger's perspective but also focusing on holistic rhythm of monitors on the entire cabin.

Restricted requirement : Pepper dust CMF. Buttons. Modules (Audio, USB). Maintenance feature.





2. CONCEPT exploration

(2.5 Weeks)

After presenting the first idea exploration phase, client downselected concepts based on the design criteria. My team then created a 3D CAD of the monitors in context.





3. concept development

(3.5 Weeks)

Developed CAD geometry of the three downselected concepts from previous phase. Integrated an initial mechanical and electronic components within the housing.





4. Final concept execution

(3 Weeks for CAD development. 6 Weeks for back and forth communication & negotiation with engineers and manufacturers.)


Final chosen direction was taken to further execution for market production. First 3 weeks focused on executing the final geometry with engineers and manufacturers. 

Weekly meeting consisted of working through investigating cost of injection molding, pad printing, CMF, and assembly process.

(I won't be able to show the spec/final geometry of the model)