kay kim.
kay kim.

Senior Capstone Project

Class of 2013

Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design . University of Washington

Individual Capstone Project.








Design major students at University of Washington get exposure to all three disciplines of design (Industrial Design, Interaction Design, and Visual Communication Design) by taking fundamental classes during first year and working on group projects.



Throughout the school years living in a workshop eating sawdust and pulling all nighters, my passion in design grew beyond just Industrial Design and I began to approach my projects from a holistic level. So I decided to create a project that could showcase all the skill set I learned from school.



From branding to experience

So my goal was to choose a systematic product that could showcase my design thinking, branding, visual communication skill, and experience design skill along with Industrial design as a core.






I still remember the old days where I need nothing but rocks and twigs to play with friends and explore the whole world all day long. I was more adventurous because there was no boundary. I was more curious because there was no instant reference.

Culture changes as time passes by. Us people naturally adapt to that changed behavior so do children these days. I believed in the power of technology and the limitless potential it could bring to our everyday lives. However, I always missed the old fashioned analog aspect of toys that I used to play with. They stimulated all the senses as it did to our curiosity.




So why not combine the benefit of each category and create a explorative toy system for children? Why not make that toy into a bridge that connects children, friends, and parents? Why not create a toy that actually tracks and educate children's growth?